Hello there,

my name is Gerard de Ruig and due to some fortunate happenstance you have found my website! And judging by the fact that you are actually reading this text, my prominently placed profile picture did not scare you away. Yet. Oh, how I love alliterations.

Anyway, this website is dedicated to me, as you might have guessed. It's mostly a repository of things I do or have done in the past, things I enjoy doing, and random thoughts I wish to share with the world. Or at least the three search-engine bots indexing this page on a biannual basis. Look, that was another one.

It's weird how one day you look at a website you made and are pleased with yourself about the looks and contents, and the very next day you take another look and think: "wow, this website is truly horrible!" Needless to say: this happens quite frequently to me. Today I had a little bit of free time and decided to spend it on the look and feel of this website! Right now you are looking at the usual "nearly finished" state; hopefully I will find some time to finish everything this time around, before the cycle starts all over again... So enjoy! Or go away. Your choice, in the end.